New designs coming soon!

Hi world!

I am busy working on some new designs. They are machine applique designs. I have noticed that many home embroidery people shy away from using machine applique designs. When I started out I was unsure how the computerized sewing machine actually did applique. Once I tried it, I found out that it was super easy and loads of fun. It is so much easier than doing machine applique manually. The only thing with machine digitized applique designs is that the pieces of fabric are limited by the hoop size.

The digitized appllique design sews out a placement line first – which shows you exactly where to place the fabric. The fabric doesn’t have to be cut exactly to shape – it just has to be big enough to cover the placement line completely. The machine stops so that you can lay the fabric over the line. Start the machine again and it sews the fabric down with a running stitch. It stops so that you can trim exactly around the shape. You can take the hoop off the machine – but never take the fabric out of the hoop! (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to line things up again). After starting the machine again it will sew a zigzag and then the covering stitch like satin stitch. It is so easy!

Oh well back to work!

Lisa Davies